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Tanning Tips

Ever caught yourself seeing the perfect tan and wondered why your best efforts have always ended with you either looking slightly darker than Casper the Friendly Ghost or more red than a well cooked lobster? With the many tanning options available, it may be difficult to determining which approach is right for you.

Tanning truly is a science, and determining the proper formula for your body will result in achieving the perfect tan. That's part of the value you receive at Coconut Beach Tan Salons. We will help you determine the right equipment and products to help you acheive your desired result. Here are tanning tips for pursuing that golden tone you crave.

Indoor Tanning

Tanning Bed Tips

Have you ever wondered how you can achieve perfectly tan skin without the harm? It’s true that most people enjoy the look of bronzed skin, but getting there can be a challenge. If you’re someone that burns easily, lying out in the sun may not be the best idea. Fortunately, you can achieve a worry-free tan by using a tanning bed. All it takes is a bit of preparation and maintenance to ensure you are treating your skin in a healthy manner. Here are a few tanning bed tips that you’ll find practical and easy to follow, while maximizing your success for a golden bronze body. Read more...

Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning

If you have ever gone tanning then you have probably wondered what spray tanning is all about. Spray tanning is the application of chemicals that mimic the effects of the sun on your skin, producing an even, sunless tan. This method of tanning has been around since about 1997. If you are considering spray tanning as an alternative to tanning beds, then you should know more about spray tanning methods and tips for tanning and keeping your tan. Here are some important facts and tips about spray tanning that will help you when you go to get your new tan. Read more...